3 Ways to Prevent Cavaties


As children, I believe most of us didn’t mind having cavities because we had hope that the tooth fairy will leave us nice monetary gifts behind. As adults, we are no longer fond of such thoughts because we understand the reality of what our parents did. In other words, we are not very keen on losing our permanent teeth to wear dentures too soon .Taking care of our oral health is of great significance to avoiding cavities. We should dispel the myth that the mere fact that eating candies directly causes a cavity because this is not factual. Cavities occur when food particles break down, resulting in the formation of acid which in turn weakens the enamel and leave a hole. This hole is what is referred to as a cavity.

Let us look at the numerous ways in which we can avoid developing a cavity:

  1. Regular brushing

Dentists recommend that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day, perhaps in the morning and before we go to bed at night. Some may argue as to the reason why we need to brush our teeth again at night. However, the essence of doing this is that it is done after our last meal of the day so that throughout the night there is no breakdown of food particles against our enamel which damages it. The purpose of brushing is to ensure that we get rid of the food particles on and within our teeth and this reduces the buildup of plagues and tartar.

  1. Flossing

The thought of flossing came about since the toothbrush is unable to reach certain hard to reach places in the mouth to eliminate food particles. People with teeth that are closer together may need to floss more precisely than a person with a little more spaces between each teeth. Flossing is highly recommended after each time we brush.

  1. Rinsing

It is always a bit shocking when we have brushed and flossed adequately and yet still removing further food particles after rinsing. This is the main reason why rinsing is so important. Though water is used for rinsing, it is recommended that we also use mouthwash if possible because it contains ingredients like fluoride that are beneficial in maintaining strong healthy teeth.

Cavities can result in pain due to the possibility of exposed nerves hence if you have one or think you are developing one, see your dentist urgently. I recommend you to spare yourself the horror of a toothache by taking the necessary steps in avoiding a cavity.

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