Dangers of Nail Biting


Many of us are guilty of biting our nails. Perhaps it is done without the conscious thought of doing it, as for most it is just one of the many bad habits we develop from childhood that continues throughout our adult life.  It is clinically proven thought that nail biting is linked to anxiety because many sufferers have been observed doing such. The frightening reality is that nail biting is not as harmless as it seems to be. It can be quite dangerous to our health and here are reasons why:

  1. Introduces pathogen

What we don’t realize is that it is very easy for bacteria and other pathogens to exist under our nails. This is especially so if we do not wash our hands regularly. In such case, biting the nail leads to bacteria transfer into our oral cavity causing various problems to our health .It can contribute to infection of our gum should there be an abrasion to the area and may even cause bad breath. Bad breath is associated with bacteria in the mouth.

  1. Deforms nail

When we bite our nails, it is highly likely that it will not be even or symmetrical at each angle. This can result in the nail developing an abnormal shape and contour after a while of doing such. The deformity can be temporary but there is also the risk that it can be permanent.

  1. Irritates nail bed

For people who bite their nails, there is the occasional biting too far .This causes irritation to the cuticle which can leave the nail bed red, swollen and painful. An area of irritation could possibly have a small abrasion which makes the area susceptible to an infection.

  1. Damage teeth

Each time a person bites their nail it puts a pressure against the teeth. Overtime this constant pressure may force teeth out of their normal positions and result in misalignment.  For this to be corrected, the individual may need to visit an orthodontist for a consultation.

To all the nail biters, let’s make an effort to put an end to this dangerous habit.

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    • Hanky
    • November 14, 2016

    who knew so many dangers wow

    • Zach
    • November 14, 2016

    ya i dont want no deformed nails

    • Tina
    • November 14, 2016

    how do i get my 7 year old to stop biting her nails

    • Gavin S
    • November 14, 2016

    always when im stressed but maybe with these dangers i should to stop

    • Rileyyh
    • November 14, 2016

    didnt know i could irritate nail bed…

    • Cam
    • November 14, 2016

    helpful article :3

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