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These oval protein packed delights are a great nutritional source.  Let’s start with where eggs come from. This whole food is closest to its natural state therefore the nutritional value is unmatched. The protein found in egg is a source of energy and can assist in the body’s growth and repair. It aids stimulating the growth of muscles, hair, nails, skin and organs.

An egg is covered with a natural shell that encases the properties of the egg, it reduces the moisture loss. The colours of the egg may vary, so don’t by any means base the freshness of the egg by the colour. The colour of the egg has no effect of the flavour or nutritional value of the egg. However the colour and pigment of the egg will tell you about the type of chicken that produced the egg. Hens that bare white feathers and earlobes tend to lay white eggs, however hens with red feathers produce brown eggs.

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The yolk of the egg as we all should know is the yellow portion of the egg, which again varies depending on the hen that has produced this egg. The colour and yolk changes depending on the diet of the hen; but some artificial additives were once upon a time used to enhance the yolk colour to give you the perfect sunny side up eggs, but that was eventually banned. Sometimes eggs carry 2 yolks.

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Now, the egg white comprises of two aspects of the egg, called the thin albumen and the thick albumen. The thin albumen is the part that is nearest to the shell and spreads around thick white of high quality eggs, and the thick albumen contains approximately 40 different proteins.

Unfortunately there are some drawbacks to the excessive eating of eggs. Eggs are high and calorie and have an excessive amount of cholesterol. This fatty waxy substance can build up in your arterial walls and can lead to blood clots. But if you love the taste of scrambled eggs at the start of your day, you can separate your egg yolk from the egg white and voila.

Eggs also have a few unusual uses that may come in handy. Due to the high protein value in eggs these can be great for a hair conditioning masque. The egg whites and yolks also enable you to reap skin care benefits.

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