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Marula Fruit

The first time I’ve ever heard about the Marula fruit was about 2 years ago. This is a small round shaped fruit that is typically green in colour when not ripe, as it begins to ripen the colour changes to a yellow color and then can be harvested. The Marula season is usually between January and March. And at that period a liquor production company that manufacturers the Amarula Crème Liquor harvests their amount of their product. The Marula fruit has been proven to cause intoxication, and elephants are the reason for this discovery. In Africa animals become highly intoxicated after eating mouthfuls of the Marula fruit, there is footage of an intoxicated elephant unable to move due to constant stumbling. Hilarious!

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This exotic fruit has acquired its name from the Guarani tribe in the Amazon. Guarana is one of the few fruits that contain natural elements of caffeine, the caffeine works as a central nervous system stimulant to assist in alertness. This fruit much like the Marula has been altered and instilled in many drink companies to create the Guarana flavour. In Brazil where Guarana is most commonly used they don’t even have to add any extra caffeine because the content from the Guarana will suffice. Unlike coffee, Guarana finishes the taste of the drink with a fruity and sweet taste. Also Guarana has weight management properties. This fruit as sweet as it is maybe able to help a person who is struggling with trying to shed an extra couple pounds.

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Pitaya/Dragon Fruit

The original name of this fruit is called the Pitaya but as time evolved it managed to garner the name Dragon Fruit which I personally prefer. For consumption the dragon fruit is sliced open to show the flesh. The fruit texture is quite similar to kiwifruit because of the crunchy seeds. The fruit can be eaten raw, is sweet and low in calories. Dragon fruit has a high content of Vitamin C, fatty acids, and B vitamins. This fruit can assist in the metabolism acceleration and the calcium can help with the strengthening of bones and teeth.

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Star Fruit

This adorable yellow fruit is named exactly after the shape when sliced. Starfruit is extremely tasty, it carries a similar taste of a citrus fruits and plums and everything is totally edible from the seeds straight to the skin. The carambola which is another name for star fruit is cultivated in many areas of Southeast Asia. This fruit has an extremely low calorie content in addition it is a good source of B- complex vitamins such as folates, riboflavin and pyridoxine.

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    • FashionGirl
    • November 11, 2016

    A platter with all of these would look so pretty. Especially dragon fruit.

    • MOnica
    • November 11, 2016

    star fruit is cool. is it taste good

    • Monny
    • November 11, 2016

    That elephant story is really funny.

    • cookf
    • November 11, 2016

    Thanks for another cool article COokfor1

    • carr
    • November 14, 2016

    my fruit platter just got more interesting

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